Starting a Project of Your Own

There are many things to consider when designing and developing this type of project. The resources below address the various aspects of global collaborative project-based learning including issues, strategies, guidelines, assessments and checklists.

The Buck Institute for Education, Project-Based Learning for the 21st Century
PBL-Online is a resource for project-based learning created with major contributions by the George Lucas Foundatoniand Department of Educational Technology at Boise State University. The tutorial will guide you through the development of engaging, standards-focused projects and includes forms, checklists, assessments and videos.

online tutorial map
Collaborative Tools: Teaching with Technology White Paper
This white paper, by Ashely Deal with the University of Carnegie Melon's Office of Technology for Education, presents a working model of the collaborative process and gives an overview of the tools that can be used to support project-based collaborative learning.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Global Collaborations
In this blog post, Kim Cofino shares her expertise on the topic of developing global collaborative projects. She also created these presentations (one with Jen Wagner) on the topic and created a companion wiki with the same name.