Check the grade level specific pages to find more projects for elementary, middle school, high school, post secondary.

Projects for Multiple Grade Levels

Earth Day Groceries Project
Great starter project for those delving into collaborative projects.

iEARN Collaboration Center
Enables youth to learn with, rather than simply about, the world. Find project partners quickly. Read 200+ project descriptions and browse student-produced media.

iEARN Post-Secondary Project Space | Collaboration Centre
Just for higher ed folks!

Global SchoolNet’s Projects Registry
The oldest (1995) and largest online clearinghouse for teacher-conducted global learning projects which contains more than 3,000 annotated listings – and is searchable.

The Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education (CIESE)
Sponsors and designs interdisciplinary and collaborative projects to enhance curriculum using real time data and the Internet's potential to reach peers and experts around the world.

Flat Classroom™ Projects
Global collaborative project that joins together students from geographically dispersed areas and includes Flat Classroom Project, Digiteen, NetGenEd and Eracism Projects.

ePals Global Community
Project-based learning network with classrooms in over 200 countries and territories.

Global Education Collaborative
Database of member projects from the online community of those interested in global education.
Find projects in listed in the discussion forum. Also check out this spreadsheet of projects. Add yours!

Community for schools in Europe in which teachers from all participating countries can register and use the eTwinning online tools (the Portal and the Desktop) to find each other, meet virtually, exchange ideas and practice examples, team up in Groups, learn together in Learning Events and engage in online-based projects.

Global Gateway
This is the global gateway to educational partnerships!

The Official Flat Stanley Project
Based on the book by Jeff Brown.

One Day on Earth - Education
One Day on Earth is inherently educational for all participants. We believe participating on 10.10.10 will not only provide an opportunity to be part of history in the making, but it will also be a shared learning experience. We hope to positively affect lives and deepen our understanding of the diversity of our planet’s people and cultures. Through personal expression and communication, we will better understand one another.

Join a pre-prepared, hosted project on a global theme, or apply for a Moodle space to build your own collaborative project.

Rock Our World
Coordinated thematic annual projects with kids and teachers all over the world.

Tundra Connections
Join GEC volunteer Julene Reed and Polar Bear International experts in a series of video conferences.

Global Elementary Model United Nations (GEMUN) May 13 - 14 , 2011
Global Elementary Model United Nations is what the name implies -- elementary (and middle school) students role-playing the assemblies of the United Nations! This enriching, exciting opportunity has been available in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, United States since 1990.

Read Around the Planet
A celebration of Read Across America and World Book Day. In 2011, the dates are Feb. 23 - March 11, 2011. Uses standards-based videoconferencing.

Check the grade level specific pages to find more projects for elementary, middle school, high school, post secondary.