This page contains links focusing on leadership and polices associated with Global Education. Subcategories have been identified to assist with the organization.


EdSteps is a grassroots effort led by educators to collect, review and publish student work demonstrating performance. EdSteps provides tools to support teaching and learning that prepares every child with the skills and competencies needed for lifelong learning, meaningful work and citizenship. Make sure to take a look at the section on global competence.


The 2011 Partnership for Global Learning Annual Conference
Sponsored by the Asia Society

The Education Project
An annual international education conference held in Bahrain

Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education (VWBPE)
Annual international conference held virtually in an immersive 3D environment. This 48 hour virtual conference attracts faculy, instructors, trainers, adminstrators, instructional designers, technial specialists, and members of organizations from around the world. Call for volunteers.

World Innovation Summit for Education
Annual conference that bestows education innovation awards to education projects


National Geographic Foundation
Grant opportunities for professional development, policy reform and public engagement

International Leadership

Institute of International Education
By implementing some of the world’s most prestigious and innovative scholarship programs in a fair, open, and transparent manner, the Institute provides talent from around the world with access to leading institutions of higher education and the international experience that is critical to success in the 21st century workplace. These programs are critical to promoting mutual understanding, and developing global leaders.

International Baccalaureate Organization
Curriculum for K12

ISTE NETS for administrators
National Educational Technology Standards for administrators.

World Economic Forum - Global Education Initiative
The primary objective of the GEI is to raise awareness and support the implementation of relevant, sustainable and scalable national education sector plans on a global level through the increased engagement of the private sector.

Leadership (Global and Local)

**Global Education Checklist for teachers, schools, school systems, and state education agencies**
This resource is great for asking yourself global educational questions, on all levels.

Educational Leadership: Leading for Global Competency
Great article about how educational leaders can support and encourage global competency within their schools

Five Traits of 21st Century Educational Leadership
Great post outlining traits for 21st century leaders in your school.

The Administrator's Technology Toolkit
This post gives a great list of tools that leaders can use to building their global PLN, as well as learn more about leading their schools to become more global.

Global Learning Portals: Administration and Management
Documents, links, and discussion posts about global education administration.

Footprints in a Digital Age
Gives a great overview of what leaders in a global world need to know about what our students need, as well as how to stay educated ourselves.


Social Media Policy Database
This database has a collection of social media policies that might be used to get ideas when supporting educators with global communication and projects. Although it is a database of company social media policies, there are some good ideas.

Principals and Social Networking in Education: Practices, Policies, and Realities in 2010
Report on how social networking is allowing students and educators to connect and interact all over the world.

Global Learning Portals: Planning and Policy
Documents, links, and discussion on global planning and policy.

School AUP 2.0
Great resource where you can add ideas for AUP (acceptable use policy) or view others. As schools continue to communicate globally there is a need to have a good AUP and keeps students safe as well as educated.

10 Must Haves for your Social Media Policy
These focus on business, but are still good for thought and inclusion in a school social media policy.

Will Richardson's post on 'Don't, Don't, Don't vs Do, Do, Do'
When looking at developing policies for our schools, let's not forget the importance of educating our students on what they can do, and not just tell them what they can't do.

New Responsible Use Policy
Great post reiterating the need to focus on the 'Responsible' use no 'acceptable use, focusing on the positive more than the negative.

Organizations for Global Leadership

Worldwide NGO directory (Non-governmental Organization associated with United Nations)

Global Educational Motivators
Bringing the world into the classroom, this NGO emphasizes human rights and responsibilities around the world.

Free the Children: Children helping children through education
Creating student leaders to make a difference.

Global Issues Network
Empowering students around the world to help bring awareness and help to global issues.

The Global Fund for Children
We provide capital to strengthen innovative community-based organizations serving the most vulnerable children and youth. We harness the power of children’s books, films, and photography to promote global understanding.

School Programs

Examples of school initiatives

Global Education | Catlin Gabel


Project Inkwell
The goal of SNS Project Inkwell® is to accelerate the deployment of appropriate technologies onto K-12 desktops worldwide.

U.S. Based Initiatives

Around the World in Multimedia
From the state of North Carolina

The Equity Alliance at Arizona State
The ambition of the Equity Alliance at ASU is to promote equity, access, and participation in education.

International Education Week (November 15-18)
Also coincides with the Global Education Conference

National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Global Initiatives
The NAIS Global Initiative's Objective, as part of NAIS's larger sustainability initiative, is to assist independent schools in their efforts to nurture the skills and perspectives that help students become global citizens and global leaders, and to assist schools and their students in making contributions across borders

Ohio Department of Education - International Education
World-class education – global context, global content, global thinkers, global systems

White Plains Public Schools International Videoconferencing
Projects and tips for using videoconferencing

Youth and Education - U.S. Department of State
Resources for educators and students