external image 4936218669_a41feaa996.jpgGuide to Global Projects

Participating in a global project requires a significant amount of time and effort. For a classroom educator, it is critical that that the project clearly aligns with teaching unit, is well organized and run, has a defined time line and authentically engages students. Finding a project that fits your classroom needs can be challenging. This section of the wiki provides several ways to get your classroom involved with global projects.

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Browse the Project Directory

The project directory offers a wide variety of options to get students involved in global collaboration! It includes organizations that offer projects at various grade levels as well as those specific to elementary, middle school, high school and post secondary.

Join Open Projects

Educators involved in the Global Education Conference are building this list of projects that are currently open for classrooms to join. Some of these projects involve many classrooms and are run by an organization while others are the simple efforts a classroom teacher.

Start a Project of Your Own

Finding a project that fits your needs is sometimes easier said than done. Creating a project to join your classroom with others allows you to control every aspect of the experience for your students and the potential to provide others with an exceptional learning experience. Are you prepared to take on this challenge? Review the tips in this section before you get started. Are you interested in support from an educator experienced? Join in our Mentor Program which will provide you with a mentor to guide and support you throughout the process or developing and running your project. Take advantage of this program to ensure the success of your project!

Get Inspired by Success Stories

Learning about other successful projects can open your mind to the possibilities of global collaboration and help you develop a better understanding of the elements for success. Take a look at what other educators are doing and get inspired to make bring the world into your classroom!